13 Best Bookshelves Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

Jed Silverlake
10 min readMar 2, 2022


Most Affordable Top Bookshelves| Shopee & Lazada Discounts & Vouchers Included

13 Best Bookshelves Philippines Written by Jed Silverlake

Here’s a list of top bookshelf for sale in the Philippines…let’s check it out.

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1. Home Office Bookshelf

Home Office Bookshelf

Price: ₱2,600

Home Office Bookshelf stylish and multifunctional, it is easy to clean so that you won’t be hassled organizing your items.

It features a sleek and sturdy closed-white design that creates a gorgeous look for large and medium rooms. A simple stylish design is yet functional and suitable for any room.

Color: White, Wood, etc.

Dimension: 80 x 24 x 180cm

Customer Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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2. Bamboo Cabinet Organizer

Bamboo Cabinet Organizer

Price: ₱4,999

Bamboo Cabinet Organizer is really environmentally friendly furniture material, fine workmanship, modern & simple.

It features varnish coating, waterproof. smooth and easy to clean. With an Acrylic door design, the cabinet door adopts transparent acrylic material Integration of display and storage, convenient and quick to take.

Style: Modern & Elegant

Bookcase Design: With Table

Customer Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars

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3. Hanging Bookshelves

Hanging Bookshelves

Price: ₱300

Hanging Bookshelves is easy to set up, you can get ideas for displaying books, photos, and more things to easily mount shelves to your desired layout. Perfect for any home or office interior.

You can now turn your bare living room wall decor into wall art with the unique white wood shelves. It provides the perfect platform for storage and display everything from small plants like succulents to decorative picture frames, books, DVDs, cute room accessories and more.

Material: Wood

Applicable: For Wall

Customer Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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4. Desktop Table Organizer

Desktop Table Organizer

Price: ₱2,999

Desktop Table Organizer is made of e1 solid MDF wood/white, painting finish, won’t rust or corrode. uniform color, baffle design, durable, healthy and environmental protection, strong load-bearing.

2-tiered decorative storage shelf for displaying home decor items and more, design with sleek shelves; Turn any table into an ergonomic and add extra space for your stuff. Maximize the use of your space.

It has a multifunctional rack, flat surface, and sturdy construct, excellent craftsmanship process, with different height open shelving unit gives you ample area for storing literature/books/magazines, organizing office supplies, showing off cherished keepsakes, display miniature potted plants, etc.

Material: Wood

Style: Scandinavian

Feature: Open Storage, Multi-compartment

Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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5. Display Bookshelf Ladder

Display Bookshelf Ladder

Price: ₱1,499

Display Bookshelf Ladder allows you to get creative and find more functions other than a floating bookshelf, DVD storage shelf, or tv shelf.

Their wall hanging shelves for storage can act as kitchen shelf, bathroom organizer shelf, display shelf to fancy your bedroom decor, or farmhouse wall decor. It is crafted from high-quality solid wood boards and a white metal brackets.

Materials: Laminated Particle Board

Color: Brown, White, Blue Pine

Size: 142*43*22cm

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6. Maharlika Open Bookshelf

Maharlika Open Bookshelf

Price: ₱2,199

Maharlika Open Bookshelf has an abundant storage space, this bookshelf comes with 5 wide shelves that meet your storage need, it usually is used to store books, CDs, movies, and make your home or office tidy artistic.

Made of 100% natural bamboo, as sturdy and nice as it looks, combines the modern design and aesthetics, it can be used as a perfect display shelf for your home, office, living room, etc.

From natural bamboo wood, rounded edge, and countersunk screws for safety assembly and use. this bookshelf won’t also fall down easily because of the weight of your books.

Material: Bamboo

Style: Rustic,Classical,Elegant

Storage Feature: Open Storage

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7. Multipurpose Storage Cabinet

Multipurpose Storage Cabinet

Price: ₱999–₱1,979

Multipurpose Storage Cabinet can bring a linear industrial charm and retro warm element to your room.

With a neutral color scheme and simple design, the storage shelf can mesh with any home decor. A great display and storage choice for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office. The shelves can easily be cleaned with a wet rag.

Quality: Durable

Type: Multipurpose Bookshelf

Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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8. Living Room Bookshelf

Living Room Bookshelf

Price: ₱16,590

Living Room Bookshelf are shelves for wall look simple yet decorative and hold plenty.

You can keep everything tidy and neat while decorating your bedroom, office, living room, or anywhere you like. Declutter your room with an aesthetic bookshelf! This storage rack and shelving unit will save your floor space and help you reduce clutter in a small room.

You can use these shelves not only in your bathroom as a decorative shelving unit or towel rack but also as a spice rack shelf, wall bookshelf for kids and adults, or CD and DVD shelf to create a beautifully organized storage and display.

Feature: Multi-compartment

Style: Contemporary

Bookcase Design: For Living Room

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9. Hanging Wall Bookshelf

Hanging Wall Bookshelf

Price: ₱875

Hanging Wall Bookshelf does not only provide extra storage space but also help you redecorate your room and create farmhouse decor

Floating shelves can act as home decorations for the living room to display daily stuff, such as keys, phones, wallets, or bathrooms, and for the bedroom, over the toilet is a wonderful choice.

Space Saver Storage Shelving: Declutter your room with an aesthetic bookshelf! This storage rack and shelving unit will save your floor space and help you reduce clutter in a small room.

Assembly: Fully Assembled

Supported Weight: 22kg

Customer Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars

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10. Floor Standing Bookshelf

Floor Standing Bookshelf

Price: ₱2,399

Floor Standing Bookshelf features a heightening guardrail design, effectively preventing objects from falling.

It has a 30mm widening side frame, Bold and thick side Frame. Strong, Stable and unshakeable. Built-in screw fixation, easy to assemble no complicated tools.

Modern design can be used as the perfect display shelf for your home, office, living room, bathroom, indoor garden, etc. Constructed by premium metal and selected particleboard, the contemporary metal bookcase is solid, stable, sturdy, and durable. With top-notch anti-rust coating, the whole shelf looks more sophisticated.

Ideal for general storage or display of books, collectibles, photos, artwork, and more.

Feature: Stackable, Open Storage

Style: Modern

Material: Bamboo

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11. Floating Wall Bookshelf

Floating Wall Bookshelf

Price: ₱598

Floating Wall Bookshelf uses high-quality materials, no peculiar smell, water-proof, mildew-proof, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and no warping.

It can store many kinds of items, and can also be used as decoration, simple and generous. There is also a strong bearing capacity, no bending, safe and secure, easy to store. It provides large capacity and space-saving features.

This will be a great place to show your friends and family about your life, hobbies, or small accomplishments.

Material: Wood board

Color: black, warm white

Customer Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars

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Installation Steps for Floating Wall Bookshelf:

Take out the free accessories, use a tape measure to measure the distance between the centers of the two holes on the storage plate, draw the position to be punched on the wall, and use a puncher to punch the depth ratio on the drawn point.

The surging pipe body is 2–3mm, and the surging bolt in the surging pipe is knocked to make the surging pipe stable in the hole. The installation can be completed by putting the bolt on the flat plate.

12. Home Bookcase Furniture

Home Bookcase Furniture

Price: ₱1,040–₱1,049

Home Bookcase Furniture is a 4-story storage shelf that helps you to comfortably store items and decorate items.

The shelf can hold beautiful books, making a highlight for the room. The iron frame is powder coated strictly according to standards to ensure the most durable product.

It features solid and sturdy shelf legs, the open shelves give an easy overview and easy reach. With mesh style platforms to make moving more convenient. The lightness of the material does not compromise the strength of the shelf.

Color: White, Black

Material: Metal

Supported Weight: 40kg

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13. Minimalist Bookshelf Storage

Minimalist Bookshelf Storage

Price: ₱798–₱998

Minimalist Bookshelf Storage allows you to store all of your linens, towels, and beddings while also giving your room a light, airy, and minimalist appearance.

Alternatively, these shelves can be utilized as a multi-functional room divider, allowing you to proudly show your indoor plants and ornaments on display.

Place these in any place to bring a new sense of flair to your home, transforming it into a trendy abode that you can be proud of.

Layers: 4–5 Layers

Color: Sonoma Oak, Wenge, etc.

Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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More about Bookshelves:

Multifunctional Design: This set of wall-mounted shelves are designed to create additional space at home or office. You can hang them separately in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen to clear the clutter without taking up much space.

With an excellent metal frame and thick solid panel, each panel of the bookcase can hold up to 30 lbs. Because of the fixed rod assembly, the industrial shelf has strong stability and can perfectly protect your items. No shaking No wobbling.

Design it Your Way: arrange the layout to meet your needs or fit your personal decorating style. Who knows your home better than you when it comes to design, just customize the shelves to create your dream home.

The home bookshelf perfectly combines the hard steel with the relic particle board, simple, sturdy, and functional. You can put it in your living room, study room, bedroom, and office. Choose Numenn Bookcase, make your space neat, tidy, and also in great style.

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