15 Best Computer Table Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

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13 Best Computer Table Philippines Written by Jed SIlverlake

To adjust in this pandemic phase, there has been a steady demand for Work-From-Home setups,

We break down different types of tables from small computer tables, study tables, and even a green concept of wooden computer tables for a pleasant working session at home,

Here’s a list of the top computer tables for sale in the Philippines... let’s check it out!

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1. OFNATURE Nordic Wooden Computer Table Desk

OFNATURE Nordic Wooden Computer Table Desk

Price: ₱1,500

OFNATURE Nordic Wooden Computer Table Desk crafted from engineered wood to increase durability and longevity.

This multipurpose desk has a good load-bearing capacity, your computer can be placed freely and practically. The overall structure is stable, the workbench is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and has no odor.

Type: Nordic

Color: White, Blank, Sand, Blue, Teal Blue, Pink

Functionality: Office Table

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2. Desktop Computer Desk

Desktop Computer Desk

Price: ₱1,390

Desktop Computer Desk comes with metal legs and adjustable leg pads, making the desks keep stable even on uneven floors.

Provides ample space for computer, monitor, printer, writing, study, and other home office activities, the underneath leg distance is wide and open. You can make the best of it in a dorm room, Great for allowing tall people plenty of legroom.

Color: Brown

Feature: Office Table

Customer Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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3. Adjustable Computer Bedside Table

Adjustable Computer Bedside Table Laptop for sale on Shopee computer desks

Price: ₱1,599

Adjustable Computer Table is a portable setup computer that you can set up near your bed or have a separate dedicated workspace.

The height of the bedside table laptop is adjustable, able to rotate freely with the wheels below the table. The desktop table also has multiple uses, not only limited to serving as a makeup table or painting table.

Type: Foldable

Color: Black, White, Blue, Pink, Brown

Functionality: Adjustable

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4. Nordic Computer Table

Nordic Computer Table

Price: ₱1,500

Nordic Computer Table features a smooth surface of the table is made of high-quality natural wood coated for scratch resistance. Table legs made of natural pine wood have good bearing capacity.

It is composed of high-quality environmentally-friendly plates and metal frames, which are stable and durable.

Feature: Working Table

Design: Nordic Table

Customer Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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5. Solid Wood Office Computer Table

DH 80x40 Table Home Office Computer Foldable Solid Wood + Sturdy & Stable comuter desks

Price: ₱1,049

Solid Wood Office Computer Table can fit in your space while at the same time fitting your budget. This multipurpose usage of one table fits all
foldable feature allows easy storage and achieves space saving and multi-usage purposes.

Adjustable table foot pads enhance stability without damaging the floor. Create a productive, simple workspace with Tribesigns U-shaped computer desk. Areliable solution for home offices. The table fits with any decor style with its simple designs, while also creating a functional environment for computer work and other projects.

Material: Compliant composite wood

Actual Size: 80cm X W40cm X H75cm

Functionality: Multi-purpose & portable foldable table

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6. ESTELLE Computer Table Office Desk

ESTELLE (80*40*73.5CM) Computer Table Office Desk Desktop Home Student table

Price: ₱799

ESTELLE Computer Table Office Desk provides a dedicated workstation for online Zoom meetings or online classes.

Enough space to display all your multiple monitors, gaming gear, printer while still room for writing. The middle parts designs with a tiltable desktop, which can be adjusted from 0 to 60 °with multiple angle settings offer better posture for work, can effectively prevent neck pain and protect your vision safety.

Type: Table for students or WFH professionals

Color: Blue, Black, Wooden & White

Functionality: Stable

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7. The Fashion Table

The Fashion Table Home Office Desk Table Computer Desk Furniture Solid Wood + Stainless Steel

Price: ₱5,000

The Fashion Table embodies a modern and minimalist style with its wood panel & stainless steel support, walnut-colored to match the aesthetic design.

The gaming table-designed table will give you some much-needed shelf to stash those office essentials. Anti-slip foot pads help eliminate wiggle or wobble whilst offering scratch protection to your floor when properly installed.

Type: Office Table

Color: Walnut

Material: Wood Panel + Stainless Steel

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8. Two-Layered Folding Home Office Desk

2-Layer Folding Home Office Desk Table Computer Desk Foldable Furniture Solid Wood + Stainless

Price: ₱1,988

Two-Layered Folding Home Office Desk has a tabletop thickness of 1.6cm to make it sturdy but at the same time comfortable to work at.

It is great for small spaces, such as corners, space beside your bed. If you live in one-bedroom apartment or dorm, this small desk is your smart choice. A modern style computer desk for gaming is designed from the inspiration of the Generation Z characteristic, open-minded, shrewd, dramatic, independent and competitive.

Type: Office Table

Color: Black, Light Wood, Layer Black

Material: Wood Panel + Stainless Steel

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9. Wooden Durable Computer

Wooden Durable Computer Desk Laptop Table for Home Office Working Study Desk Table CQW #3 Brown OEM

Price: ₱299

This Wooden Durable Computer is environmentally aligned to make sure its materials are not contributing to unnecessary waste.

It has undergone numerous testing to not fade easily and retain long-term use, with polished corners for a stylish and beautiful table.

Type: Office Table

Color: Dark Brown

Functionality: Sturdy

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10. L-shaped Minimalist Corner Desk

L-shaped table Computer desk Modern minimalist corner desk Home desk Simple writing

Price: ₱2,290

L-shaped Minimalist Corner Desk can fit up to four computer desks in one setup. Ushered in an oversized table, giving you abundant pace when you work.

The computer desk provides wonderful workspace. It seemed like a compact desk that still provides a lot of workspaces. Lightweight but still very sturdy. All the hard-wares for assembly tools, instructions, and height-adjustable non-skid pads are included. It’s easy to put together.

Type: Office

Color: red teak, black and white, white

Functionality: For corner use

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11. Wooden Laptop Side Table

Adjustable Computer Side Table Laptop Desk Adjustable Computer Table comuter desks

Price: ₱450

Wooden Laptop Side Table contains 4 wheels bottom design, it’s easy to move around and at home with its lightweight. The natural wooden surface is non-toxic and smooth, making it comfortable to touch and lay your laptop on the desk.

Made from premium quality wooden board makes it is easy to clean. This bedside table laptop has a glossy finish board — waterproof & prevents dirt from accumulating too much. You can use this table for anything and everything you do: from a game table, laptop table, dinner table, homework table, and so much more! Adjustable height for adults and children for studying, reading, and writing.

Type: Computer portable side table

Color: Wooden, Black, Blue, Pink

Functionality: Adjustable height

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12. ANDY Computer Desk Desk Table

ANDY Computer Desk Desk Table

Price: ₱3,500

ANDY Computer Desk Desk Table offers a way to stack items in a unique and fun way, making your setup completely organized without having to worry about finding your items.

It has a modern design that is great for home office, studio, bedroom and also kitchen as a dining table. Materials include a steel frame, powder-coated finish, Environmental particle board.

It has several tiers to meet your different storage needs. The top shelf can be used for placing small domestic printers or fax machines. There is a side storage rack for some small stuff, like notebooks, or disks. Plus, the bottom shelf is for the mainframe CPU and other big items. Multilayer design is practical for you to store things neatly and orderly.

Material: Wood-based panel

Type: Portable

Color: Bluegreen

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13. Workhome Office Table

Workhome A08 100cm x 50cm Home Office Table

Price: ₱2,799

Workhome Office Table has a simple yet modern design, offering a space-saving function and DIY assemble process.

Suitable for study room, reading room, dormitory, or office. Stylish and fashionable design, as well as the black and gray color of this computer tower shelf perfectly decorates your home and also adds a touch of modern charm to your study room.

A sturdy desk designed in elegance. Thick metal frames ensure stability. The desktop is waterproof and anti-scratch, very easy to clean. The desk frame is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel which ensures stability and durability. High thickness is strong enough to support heavy-duty parcels.

Type: Modern

Color: Wooden

Functionality: Computer Desk

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14. Home Office Table with Cabinet

Price: ₱2,999

Home Office Table with Cabinet has a tabletop of 12 mm, making it comfortable to use. You can easily access all your materials and books on the left side of the table with the cabinet without even needing to stand.

It comes in secure packaging as it ships to your home, then assembled.

Type: Office Table

Color: Maple, Brown, Blue, White & Pink

Quality: Sturdy

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15. RYTDesk Computer Table

RYTDesk Donna Computer Table with 3 Shelves 130 cm x 48 cm x 105 cm Textured Power Coat

Price: ₱3,999

RYTDesk Computer Table is coated in textured powder, providing a smooth and refined edge.

Type: Computer Table

Color: Light Wood

Finish: Powder Coated

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