13 Best Crop Top Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

13 Best Crop Top Philippines Written by Jed SIlverlake

1. Loose Shirt Short Sleeves

Loose Shirt Short Sleeves

Get 100 Discount for Loose Shirt Short Sleeves:

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2. Korean Summer Crop Top

Korean Summer Crop Top

Get ₱500 Discount Korean Summer Crop Top:

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3. Chest Hole Croptop

Chest Hole Croptop

Get ₱80 Discount for Chest Hole Croptop

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4. Ruffled Tank Croptop

Ruffled Tank Croptop

Get 59% Discount for Ruffled Tank Croptop:

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5. Kily.ph Croptop

Kily.ph Croptop

Get ₱60 Discount for Kily.ph Croptop:

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6. Knitted Zipper Crop Top

Knitted Zipper Crop Top

Get ₱250 Discount on Knitted Zipper Crop Top

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7. Lettuce Notch Croptop

Lettuce Notch Croptop

Get 83% Off Lettuce Notch Croptop

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8. Angel Fashion Cardigan

Angel Fashion Cardigan

Get 56% Off for Angel Fashion Cardigan:

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9. Puff Sleeves Croptop

Puff Sleeves Croptop

Get 78% Off for Puff Sleeves Croptop:

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10. Two-tone Croptop

Two-tone Croptop

Get 66% Discount Two-tone Croptop

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11. Trendy Cardigan Longsleeve

Trendy Cardigan Longsleeve

Get ₱200 Discount on Trendy Cardigan Longsleeve:

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12. Long Sleeves Crop Top

Long Sleeves Crop Top

Get 72% Discount Crop Top:

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13. Solenn Racer Croptop

Solenn Racer Croptop

Get 50% Off for Solenn Racer Croptop

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