13 Best E-bike Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

13 Best E-bike Philippines Written by Jed SIlverlake

1. Folding Electric Bicycle

Folding Electric Bicycle

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2. Anti-theft Folding Ebike

Anti-theft Folding Ebike

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3. Electric Folding E-Bike

Electric Folding E-Bike

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4. Portable Aluminum Bike

Portable Aluminum Bike

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5. Adult Two-wheeled Scooter

Adult Two-wheeled Scooter

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6. Mitsushi E-bike

Mitsushi E-bike

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7. Electric Bike Bicycle

Electric Bike Bicycle

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8. Rechargeable Adult Bicycle

Rechargeable Adult Bicycle

Save ₱11,850 Off Your Purchase:

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9. Indoor Electric Bikes

Indoor Electric Bikes

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10. BOSCH Electric Bike

BOSCH Electric Bike

Save ₱23,900 Off Your Purchase:

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11. Foldable Mountain Bike

Foldable Mountain Bike

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12. Smart Magnetic Bike

Smart Magnetic Bike

Save ₱17,000 Off Your Bike:

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13. Workout Stationary Bike

Workout Stationary Bike

Get ₱7,000 Discount on Shopee:

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More about E-bike:

shock absorption, 7 left seat bag shock absorption central seat tube shock absorption uma right front fork shock absorption left front fork shock absorption 3 right rear shock absorber rear left shock absorber automobile core car power

  1. Recover energy through pedaling
  2. Recover energy by going downhill
  3. Recover electric energy by taxiing
  4. Data can be viewed in real-time
  • Display battery
  • Driving time
  • Display speed

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