13 Best Eczema Ointment Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

13 Best Eczema Ointment Philippines Written by Jed Silverlake

1. Eczema Ointment Cream

Eczema Ointment Cream

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2. Herbal Antibacterial Cream

Herbal Antibacterial Cream

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3. Eczema Steroid Ointment

Eczema Steroid Ointment

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4. Chinese Herbal Ointment

Chinese Herbal Ointment

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5. Millennium Grass Ointment Cream

Millennium Grass Ointment Cream

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6. Bioderm Ointment

Bioderm Ointment

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7. Anti-Ringworm Cream

Anti-Ringworm Cream

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8. Psoriasis Ointment

Psoriasis Ointment

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9. Authentic Ointment Rub

Authentic Ointment Rub

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10. Goodbye Almuranas

Goodbye Almuranas

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11. Anti Fungal Treatment

Anti Fungal Treatment

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12. Anti-Cracking Cream

Anti-Cracking Cream

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13. Hemorrhoid Ointment

Hemorrhoid Ointment

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More about Eczema Ointment:

It is completely in line with the diversity, balance, integrity, and absorption of skin disease treatment. This ointment has a stronger inhibitory effect on e. coli and fungi so that it can prevent skin infections.

Features to look out for Eczema Ointment:

With Lactic Acid for gentle exfoliation, 2% Salicylic acid to relieve skin itching, scaling, redness, flaking, and irritation associated with psoriasis, Niacinamide to calm skin, and Urea to help moisturize.

1. Controls Flaking

Medicated skin cream controls flaking and helps prevent psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis symptom recurrence in a soothing moisturizing cream for dry skin. Moisturizing skin cream is a salicylic acid psoriasis treatment that has Provitamin B5, Avocado oil, Shea butter, Bisabolol, Aloe, Vitamin E, Allantoin, and Panthenol

2. Nutirent-rich Ingredients

An all-natural formula containing plant-based and nutrient-rich ingredients makes it a safe and effective solution for all ages.

3. Strengthens the skin’s moisture

Hypoallergenic baby eczema balm combines colloidal oatmeal and ceramide to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and helps prevent recurrence of extra dry skin from eczema

4. Developed by Dermatologists

Maximum strength Hydrocortisone Cream without a prescription, to provide temporary itch relief from extra dry skin, eczema-prone skin, as well as relief for minor skin irritations and rashes. Developed with dermatologists and has products suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone, and more.

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