13 Best Kindle Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

13 Best Kindle Philippines Written by Jed Silverlake

1. Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Get ₱3,500 Discount for Kindle:

2. Kindle 10th Generation

Kindle 10th Generation

Save ₱6,000 Off Your Purchase:

3. Kindle Handstrap Case

Kindle Handstrap Case

Get ₱80 Discount on Shopee:

4. White Kindle Device

White Kindle Device

Save ₱3,500 Off Your Purchase:

5. The Little Prince Kindle Cover

The Little Prince Kindle Cover

Get ₱90 Discount on Shopee:

6. Waterproof Kindle

Waterproof Kindle

Save ₱13,000 Off Your Purchase:

7. Kindle Transparent Case Cover

Kindle Transparent Case Cover

Get ₱8 Discount on Shopee:

8. Amazon Kindle Bundle

Amazon Kindle Bundle

Save ₱2,000 Off Your Purchase:

9. Magnetic Kindle Cover

Magnetic Kindle Cover

Get 70 Discount on Shopee:

10. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Save ₱13,000 Off Your Purchase:

11. Kindle Folding Case

Kindle Folding Case

Get ₱90 Discount on Shopee:

12. Kindle Leather Case

Kindle Leather Case

Get Free Shipping on Your Order:

13. Painting Design Kindle Case

Painting Design Kindle Case

Get ₱90 Discount on Shopee:

More about Kindle:

Feature to look out for when choosing a Kindle Case:

  • Material: features the premium waterproof pu leather exterior, anti-scratch microfiber interior. this will definitely be a perfect choice of kindle case for you.
  • Kickstand: foldable stand design could set your hands free during your reading. the build-in card slot is convenient to store your cards and cash.
  • Hand strap: the built-in hand strap enables holding a kindle paperwhite in one hand, so you can indulge in the reading without any tiring feeling.
  • Auto wake/sleep: the magnetic kindle paperwhite case automatically wakes your device when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. and the magnetic closure keeps the cover securely closed, protecting your device from dropping out.

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