13 Best Punching Bag Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

13 Best Punching Bag Philippines Written by Jed Silverlake

1. Punching Bag Set

Punching Bag Set

Get ₱500 Discount on Shopee:

2. Fitness Sandbags

Fitness Sandbags

Save ₱1,500 Off Your Purchase:

3. Kick Boxing Pillar

Kick Boxing Pillar

Get ₱350 Discount on Shopee:

4. MMA Boxing Pillar

MMA Boxing Pillar

Save ₱500 Off Your Purchase:

5. Inflatable Kickboxing Bag

Inflatable Kickboxing Bag

Get ₱800 Discount on Shopee:

6. Hollow Punching Bag

Hollow Punching Bag

Save ₱1,400 Off Your Purchase:

Bonus: Related Products

7. Basketball Mouth Guard

Basketball Mouth Guard

Save ₱80 Off Your Purchase:

8. Oral Teeth Mouthguard

Oral Teeth Mouthguard

Save ₱200 Off Your Purchase:

9. Martial Arts Nunchaku

Martial Arts Nunchaku

Get ₱72 Discount on Shopee:

10. Muscle Pain Tape

Muscle Pain Tape

Save ₱47 Off Your Purchase:

11. Teeth Protector Mouth Guard

Teeth Protector Mouth Guard

Get Mouth Guard for ₱50:

12. Arnis Rattan Stick

Arnis Rattan Stick

Save Arnis Rattan Stick for ₱70:

13. Knee Pad Protector Tape

Knee Pad Protector Tape

Get ₱36 Discount on Shopee:

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