Best Derma Rollers Philippines 2022 (w/ Free Discount)

Best Derma Rollers Philippines Written by Jed Silverlake

1. Face Derma Roller

Face Derma Roller

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2. Derma Roller Therapy Care

Derma Roller Therapy Care

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3. Microneedle Derma Roller

Microneedle Derma Roller

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4. Derma Roller Kit (6-in-1)

Derma Roller Kit (6-in-1)

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Introduction to Derma Roller

Derma roller is a device that has multiple, small needles on its surface. When rolled across the skin, it creates thousands of micro-punctures in the top layer. This triggers the body to produce more collagen and elastin, which are two proteins that are essential for healthy skin.

What is a Derma Roller?

Derma rollers are beauty device that has tiny needles on them. When these needles are rolled across the skin, it causes punctures in the skin. These tiny wounds then trigger the body to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin will become firmer, smoother, and more youthful.

Benefits of Derma Roller:

Derma rollers are one of the latest beauty trends to hit the market. They are small, handheld devices that have a roller with lots of tiny needles on it. You roll the device over your skin to prick it. This causes your skin to produce more collagen, which is what makes your skin look younger and healthier.

Derma roller FAQs

If you’re considering adding a derma roller to your skincare routine, you’re likely wondering about the benefits and how to use it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about derma rollers:

1. What are derma rollers made of?

Derma rollers are typically made of stainless steel or titanium.

2. Do derma rollers hurt?

Most people find that derma rolling is not painful. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to start with a lower-strength roller.

How to choose the right derma roller

When choosing a derma roller, it’s important to consider your skin type and the results you’re hoping to achieve. Here are a few tips for choosing the right roller:

  1. If you have sensitive skin, start with a lower-strength roller.

More about Derma Roller:

Use the products you love to promote healthy-looking skin. The parallax international premium needling instrument for the face is here to offer a healthy glow. we want you to feel and look your best every day by using the proper beauty tools.

How to clean your derma roller ?

  1. Rinse roller in warm water.
  2. Sanitize with alcohol and let it air dry.
  3. After cleaning your derma roller, place it in the storage that is provided.
  4. For personal use only for hygiene
  5. Do not use on skin that has acne, eczema, sensitivity, irritation, inflamed, open wounds, raised moles, warts.
  6. Do not use under eyelids or on lips
  7. Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  8. Keep out of reach of children
  9. Beware of metal allergies
  10. Irritating cosmetics is forbidden before skin recovery, do a good job of sun protection.

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